Career Services Council

The Career Services Council is a connecting and coordinating body that addresses policy and practice in career services, employment, and post-graduation opportunities.

CSC serves as a forum for career services, professional development, and pre-professional practitioners to discuss current developments in the practice of career planning and trends in the economy and environment which relate to students' post-graduate outcomes. The Council members collaborate in offering common services and programs that serve the general university community and advocate for the value of career services to the University of Illinois. The Council develops and reviews policies and procedures which clarify and document the work of the various career offices on campus in their efforts to effectively and efficiently serve students, employers, and the university community.


1 representative from the Chancellor's or Provost's Office
Representatives from campus units/offices which are charged with delivering career services and resources to students
Chair of the Career Services Council is selected from among the membership; Director of The Career Center serves as Executive Secretary

Time Commitment

Council meets 3-4 times per semester for approximately 2 hours on each occasion, usually during the day in late afternoon. Subcommittees are available for special interests and career-related issues.