Strategic Plan


Dr. Danita M. Brown Young, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Dr. Danita M. Brown Young, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

In the fall of 2018, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign announced its strategic plan, “The Next 150.” Not long after, Student Affairs began to engage in its own strategic planning process to build upon the campus’ plan and define our role in shaping the Illinois experience. Our university and our division are among the best in higher education, a good foundation to build upon, indeed.

The resulting Student Affairs strategic plan is progressive and focuses on transformative learning experiences, student success, and service to our local and global communities. The planning process incorporated the ideas of our entire Student Affairs community, and those with whom we collaborate closely across campus, in reevaluating our vision, mission, values, goals, initiatives, and metrics, and in creating a roadmap leading to accomplishment.

Thank you to all the Student Affairs staff, campus colleagues, and community partners that assisted in the plan’s development.

Dr. Danita M. Brown Young
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Our Approach

A modified model adapted from Bryson (2018) and further supported by the Bresciani (2010) data-driven planning approaches guided Student Affairs’ Strategic Planning efforts.

This hybrid model allowed the planning team to conduct the strategic planning process through data engagement, development of vision, mission, and values, and included a strong emphasis on metrics development.

The execution of the strategy focused on tactical, operational, and budgetary planning, along with developing capacities and perspectives to succeed for individual units through action planning.

The Team


  • Beth Hoag, Ph.D., Director for Assessment and Planning
  • Brian Farber, Executive Assistant to the AVC for Auxiliaries, Health and Wellbeing

Strategic Planning Team

  • Domonic Cobb, Director for Office of Minority Student Affairs
  • Jason W. Ensign, Dining Food Service Administrator IV
  • Jim Hintz, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Engagement
  • Chantelle Thompson, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Lisa Jackson, Associate Director for New and Transfer Student Programs
  • Carla McCowan, Director for Counseling Center
  • Jorge Mena Robles, Assistant Director for La Casa
  • Ann-Marie Morgan, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Anna Tsai, Sr. Executive Director for Administrative Services
  • Ross Wantland, Director for Diversity Education and Social Justice Education
  • Jeanette Weider, Associate Director for Family and Grad Housing
  • Bryan Johnson, Project Manager, University Housing
  • Belinda De La Rosa, Director of Assessment for Auxiliary, Health, and Wellbeing & Student Success and Engagement
  • Connor Josellis, Illinois Student Government President
  • Michelle Cheung, Turner Fellow
  • Samantha Cushing, Turner Fellow
  • Miranda MacNaughton, Turner Fellow

Thank you for your interest in the Student Affairs strategic planning process. We want to hear your thoughts. Please share your comments, questions, and ideas as they relate to our planning efforts. If you require assistance, please be sure to include your phone number and/or email address so one of our team members can contact you.