Student Sustainability Committee

Mission Statement

The Student Sustainability Committee or SSC is a group of undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to building a more sustainable Illinois campus. With the partnership of a team of staff and faculty members, SSC allocates $1.1 million annually toward the development and seed-funding of projects that have an environmental impact on the university community. By pooling together the collection of two student initiated fees, the Cleaner Energy Technologies Fee and the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee, SSC has the privilege of stewarding one of the largest green funds in American higher education today. Through providing consultation and awarding funding, SSC empowers Illinois students, staff, and faculty to be changemakers in sustainability.

Committee Charge

The committee's purposes are to:

  1. Explore options for the use of the student fees for sustainability and alternative energy generation.
  2. Organize a request for proposals (RFP) process each semester to solicit projects from across campus.
  3. Evaluate the feasibility of projects being discussed with the professional assistance of faculty and Facilities and Services staff.
  4. Assist and track approved projects through the implementation stage.
  5. Work with the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE), other campus units, and student groups to promote sustainability efforts on campus.


  • No fewer than 10 but no greater than 18 voting student members.
    • Graduate and professional students can comprise no greater than 1/3 of voting committee members¬†
  • At least 6 non-voting faculty advisors
  • 5 ex officio non-voting staff advisors

Time Commitment

Members are expected to attend all full committee meetings and at least one Working Group or Subcommittee meeting. Full committee, Working Group, and Subcommittee meetings are 1 hour each. Full committee meetings and Working Group or Subcommittee meetings occur on alternating weeks. This means members will be sitting in at least 1 hour of meeting(s) a week. Additionally, there is an estimated 8 hours each month for reading proposals and following up with applicants. Due to the need to expedite the proposal process, consistent attendance and thoughtful review of applications is essential.

Terms of Appointment

  • Student committee members will be appointed for one academic year and will have to go through the committee selection process thereafter to serve on the committee again. Student committee members are selected by the SSC and vetted by both the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and iSEE.
  • Faculty members are selected by SSC in consultation with the Director of iSEE and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. Faculty members are expected to provide support and/or interest in one of the following areas:
    • Environmental and Sustainable Justice
    • Sustainability Education
    • Student Engagement and Development
    • Green and Energy-Efficient Buildings
    • Sustainable Planning / Sustainable Design
    • Local Foods and Sustainable Agriculture
    • Natural Ecosystems
    • Sustainable Engineering / Renewable Energy
    • Other Dimensions of Student Sustainability (especially Social Sustainability)
  • Ex officio members are selected by SSC. These members are expected to provide expertise for their role in the University.
    • A Representative from F&S for Engineering: This member shall provide information on the engineering needs of campus, such as improved electrical service, ventilation, building envelopes, etc. This member shall also keep the committee up to date on planned or ongoing projects.
    • A Representative from F&S for Sustainability: This member shall provide insight to the processes and procedures required for project passage through F&S. This member shall also provide updates on ongoing sustainability projects on campus.
    • The Director of iSEE or designee: This member shall provide expertise regarding sustainability.
    • The Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Engagement or designee: This member shall provide expertise on university policies and procedures regarding campus committees.
    • Chair of the Illinois Student Government Committee on Environmental Sustainability or designee: This member shall provide support in engaging with other student leadership and sustainability groups on campus.
    • Others as needed
  • Committee Membership Terms.
    • The term of office shall:
      • Begin the day after the conclusion of the summer term.
      • End at the conclusion of the summer term the following year.
      • Students members must follow the process as outlined in Section 3.2 of the SSC Bylaws in order to be reassigned.
      • Faculty and staff members must be reviewed and renewed annually. The voting members retain the right to change the faculty/staff structure with a vote.

Chair Contact

Jack Reicherts


Student Affairs/Student Success & Engagement